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The challenge

80% of blindness & visual impairment can be prevented.

The population is aging. Therefore there is a significant increase in retinal diseases such as AMD and diabetic retinopathy, among others.

There are not enough retinal specialists worldwide and it is too expensive to access them.

Blindness is a personal tragedy and involves high treatment costs.

Available detection methods are expensive and limited to certain pathologies.

Regulatory compliance in the field of healthcare software and the new European Data Protection Regulation discourage large companies from developing their own solutions due to the degree of permanent innovation in the field of artificial intelligence assisted telemedicine.

Our solution

Family doctors, optical centers, insurance companies, endocrinologists, general ophthalmologists, etc. can now obtain retinal evaluations anytime, anywhere.

From the photos of the patient’s fundus we can now issue a report in real time with the analysis performed by artificial intelligence algorithms. This report is very educational and aims to raise awareness and inform the patient of the importance of periodic retinal screening.

The most complete service we offer is the screening report made and signed by a retinal specialist ophthalmologist, which takes into account complementary information such as the patient’s age, intraocular pressure, visual acuity, age or ophthalmological or family history.

Powered by OPTretina

State-of-the-art web platform and wide network of specialists.

Any place, any reading service at any time

Safe and compatible with data protection and anonymization

Able to handle thousands of patients per day.

Applicable in different business models (massive screening, reading centers, 1st level of attention).

Ready to start platform, under any brand, complying with compliance standards. (CE, FDA, HIPAA, HL7, … ).

Interesting, isn’t it?

Contact us


Mark Ruiz

CEO & Founder

Miguel A. Zapata MD, PhD

Director médico & Founder

Didac Royo

CTO & Founder


Why is the OPTretina solution so efficient?

We have a hybrid system. Algorithms that help retinal experts do their job VERY FAST.  A single doctor can check hundreds of patients a day.

Can we use 3rd-party algorithms?

Sure. We can integrate any algorithm in the market, although they are only evaluating a limited number of diseases, mainly Diabetic Retinopathy, AMD and Suspected Glaucoma.


In Spain, since 2014 we have developed several business models that we have successfully validated, allowing us to grow and be leaders in our local market. Now we want to expand through strategic partners in other markets.

We are looking for companies or strategic partners who share our vision and who help us to implement already developed solutions that are adaptable, robust and ready to use, thus reducing time to market, costs and risks.

It’s always a good idea to do a pilot test to get started!