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What we do

We work as a network of retina experts. Thanks to the Internet we evaluate retinal images remotely and provide a medical report within 48 hours.
We have developed a very effective and inexpensive screening system to detect signs of retinal diseases at an early stage. In the event of any detected alteration, the patient will be referred to the specialist. We do not intend to replace a complete eye exam performed by an eye doctor. More information.




Our retinologist

Our Retinologists

Our medical team consists only of ophthalmologists specialised in the posterior segment of the eye. In each country where we have operations we work with independent retina specialists. Patient data is anonymised, and to ensure transparency and avoid any bias, all cases are assigned randomly. More information



Where to find

Where to find us

We work with health care providers using a non-mydriatic camera to access people who may be at risk of retinal diseases. The three-minute test consists of taking pictures of the retina. OPTretina is in the best optometric clinics, general practitioners, paediatricians and endocrinologist offices where health professionals have been certified. We also cooperate with government programmes for screening diseases such as diabetes and AMD. To find the nearest OPTretina centre: More information


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