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What we do

We are a network of Internet retinologists thanks to evaluate the retinal remotely and a medical report issued within 48 hours.
We have developed a very effective and inexpensive screening to detect signs of retinal diseases at an early stage . In case any alteration occurs, you should see your audiologist. In no case replaces a complete eye check. More information.




Our retinologist

Our Retinologist

Our medical team consists only of specialized ophthalmologists in the posterior segment of the eye. Each country where we operate account their respective independent specialist to any medical facility and are members of local or international medical specialist society.
The data of patients in the platform are completely anonymous and benefiting from the protection criteria of medical data. To ensure transparency and avoid any bias in the derivation allocation of cases is random. More information



Where to find

Where to find

We work associated health centers that have a camera available for non-mydriatic eye where we have access to people who may be at risk for retinal diseases . The realization of the test are simple pictures of the retina, in just 3 minutes. OPTretina is in the best optometric clinics, family physicians, pediatricians and endocrine where health professionals have been certified . We also cooperate with government programs for screening of diseases such as diabetes and AMD. To find the nearest center OPTretina. More information